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Trulife Components

Aluminum Pylon Bonded to Female Adapter, 16 inches

4-Hole Pyramid Adapter

Foot Pyramid

3 Prong Rotatable Laminating Piece

ST&G Components


Locks and Valves

3140 Base Shuttle Lock

3160P Shift Clutch Lock

3170P Shift Shuttle Lock

3190T EZ Adapt Lock

3180M Mechanical MAGLock

Cypress Adaptive Valves

Elevated Vacuum Valves – In Line (Distal to Socket)

Aria HV Plate Valve

Cypress 4 Hole Tie-in-Plate

Aria™ HV Valve Insert

Aria 90° Valve Insert

Passive Expulsion Valves – In Line (Distal to Socket)

Aria™ Plate Valve

Cypress 4 Hole Tie-in-Plate

Aria™ Auto Expulsion Valve Insert

Aria™ Dummy Plug Insert

Elevated Vacuum Valves – Socket Mounted

Aria™ Hybrid Valve

Aria™ Safety Barb

Straight Stainless Barbs

Stainless 90° Swivel Barbs

Passive Expulsion Valves – Socket Mounted

Aria™ AK Valve

Aria™ Valve Plus

Aria™ Valve

Notched Spacer Plate

iB-ER Components

E02T 4-Hole Receiver, 100 kg

E02T-1 4-Hole Receiver, 134 kg

E02T-2 Rotating 4-Hole Receiver, 125 kg

E31T Rotating 4-Hole Adapter with Fixed Receiver, 125 kg

E03T 4-Hole Pyramid, 100 kg

E03T-1 4-Hole Pyramid, 134 kg

E03T-2 4-Hole Rotating Pyramid, 125 kg

E30T Rotating 4-Hole Adapter with Fixed Pyramid, 125 kg

E04T-PT 4-Hole Rotating Pyramid, M5*20 Screw, 125 kg

E04T-RT 4-Hole Rotating Receiver, M5*20 Screw, 125 kg

E06T Short Tube Clamp Adapter, 125 kg

E07T-1 Long Tube Clamp Adapter, 134 kg

E07T-10D Long, 10 Degree Angled Tube Clamp Adapter, 125 kg

E07T-20D Long, 20 Degree Angled Tube Clamp Adapter, 125 kg

RT-S Rotatable Receiver, 125 kg

PT-S Rotatable Pyramid, 125 kg

RT-L Rotatable Long Receiver, 125 kg

PT-L Rotatable Long Pyramid, 125 kg

H03T Rotatable Pyramid, Inner Threaded

E12T-1 4-Prong Socket Adapter with Centre Hole, Titanium

E12S-1 4-Prong Socket Adapter with Centre Hole, Stainless Steel

E12TH 4-Prong Socket Adapter with Lock Threads

E09S-B1 3-Prong Stainless Steel Socket Adapter

E09S-RT 3-Prong Stainless Steel Socket Adapter with Titanium Rotating Receiver

E09S-PT 3-Prong Stainless Steel Socket Adapter with Titanium Rotating Pyramid

E05T-400-1 Long Tube Assembly, 134 kg

E05T-400-15 34mm Diameter Long Tube Assembly, 150 kg

VAC-100 Elevated Vacuum Component

E19-75 Plastic Socket Attachment Block, 75mm

E19-80 Plastic Socket Attachment Block, 80mm

E19-85 Plastic Socket Attachment Block, 85mm

E19-90 Plastic Socket Attachment Block, 90mm

Fabtech Components

Tube Clamps

7100 Titanium Tube Clamp, 30mm

7105 Titanium Offset Tube Clamp, 30mm

7100A Aluminum Tube Clamp, 30mm

71213T Titanium 10 Degree Angled Tube Clamp, 30mm

71219T Titanium Sliding Tube Clamp, 30mm

Tubes & Tube Clamp Assemblies

71210A Aluminum Tube

 7385A Aluminum Tube, 30mm

7400 Titanium Tube Clamp Assembly, 30mm

7400S Stainless Steel Tube Clamp Assembly, 30mm

7400A Aluminum Tube Clamp Assembly, 30mm

7190 Titanium Tube with Pyramid Receiver, 30mm


7175 Titanium Double Ended Adapter, 75mm

7160 Titanium Double Ended Adapter, 60mm

7145 Titanium Double Ended Adapter, 45mm

7132 Titanium Double Ended Adapter, 32mm


7200 Titanium 4 Hole Connector, Pyramid

7200NH Titanium 4 Hole Connector without Pyramid Hole

7200S Stainless Steel 4 Hole Connector, Pyramid

7200A Aluminum 4 Hole Connector, Pyramid

7225 Titanium 4 Ear Connector, Pyramid

7225NH Titanium 4 Ear Connector without Pyramid Hole

7225S Stainless Steel 4 Ear Connector, Pyramid

7225A Aluminum 4 Ear Connector, Pyramid

SACH Foot Adapters

7250 Titanium SACH Foot Adapter

7250S Stainless Steel SACH Foot Adapter

7250A Aluminum SACH Foot Adapter

Rotating Bases

Rotating Pyramids

7300 Titanium 4 Hole Rotating Base

7325S Stainless Steel 3 Prong Rotating Base

7120 Titanium Rotating Receiver

7325 Titanium Formable 3 Prong Rotating Base

7220NH Titanium Rotating Pyramid

Rotating Receivers

7200 Titanium 4 Hole Connector, Pyramid

7220 Titanium Rotating Pyramid with Hole