The 1752T, Adjustable Height Double Ended Adapter, Heavy Duty is to be exclusively used for the prosthetic fitting of lower extremity amputations.

The Heavy Duty Adjustable Height Double Ended Adapter is used to connect any pyramid system on both ends of the receiver. The four set screws are used for anchoring the mating pyramid system as well as for making angular adjustment for alignment. The clamp screw can be loosened and the corresponding threaded tube section can be lengthened up to a maximum of 12.7mm/0.5 in from fully threaded in position. The total build height range is from 75mm to 87mm. Apply Loctite to all screws once the alignment and connection are finalized, this includes the threaded tube section to prevent rotation.

Warranty: 2 Years

Weight limit: 136 kg/300 lbs