• The pediatric UFO™ from Orthomerica is a comfortable, prefabricated orthosis for stretching and maintaining dorsiflexion range of motion.
    • Positions the foot and ankle in optimal alignment for placing stretch on the soleus while the patient is sleeping
    • When used in conjunction with a knee immobilizer, this orthosis can also stretch the two-joint gastrocnemius group
  • MRI safe Used to support and stabilize the cervical spine and upper thoracic spine after injury or surgery Height adjustable occipital shell and chin support Oval trachea opening
  • Regular Version: Replaces spica casts and harnesses for certain congenital hip dysplasia patients. One piece, non-adjustable orthosis which holds infant in 90 degree hip flexion and 60 degree abduction. Open design facilitates diaper changes. Closed cell foam lining does not retain moisture. Adjustable Version: Offers advantages of abduction adjustment over our basic pediatric hip splint. Sturdy polypropylene frame set in 90 degree hip flexion-abduction easily adjustable 40 degrees to 180 degrees via stainless steel slotted screw assembly.