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Medi Prosthetics

MEDI Relax Liners

The Relax range provides a pain-relieving effect
from phantom limb pain, phantom limb sensation and
idiopathic residual limb pain.

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Relax Product Line

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Freedom Prosthetics


The Freedom DynAdapt™ foot is a slim profile, carbon fiber foot system with a slender, anatomic design for easy fit and finish.

Kinterra Foot & Hydraulic Ankle


The Kinterra™ Foot/Ankle System combines hydraulics and carbon fiber technology to provide an exceptionally normal walking gait — regardless of surface angle or speed.

Catapult Prosthetic Foot


The Catapult advances energy return for runners and sprinters, allowing them to run farther and faster, with less effort.

Plié™ 2.0 MPC Knee

The new Plié™ 2.0 microprocessor controlled knee joint provides never before seen function for amputees. More info


Sports Medicine and Support Products

Aspen CTO 4 Post 
vista_cto4 The Vista® CTO4 is designed to provide motion restriction throughout the cervico-thoracic spine. More info here.
Aspen Evergreen™ line

PDF Brochure

The Evergreen™ line from Aspen® is designed to treat a variety of indications in the lumbar spine.
Product pages: Lumbar, Lumbar High Profile, and TLSO



Ultraflex USG Pediatric Ankle Joint
ultraflex-uss-ped The new USG from Ultraflex uses adjustable dynamic response (ADR) to give never before seen options for gait management. More info


Trevira Bioactive Topcover/Lining Material
treviralogo This new antimicrobial fabric breathes and wicks moisture while eliminating odours. More info.

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NEW Freedom Innovations and Medi product reference charts available!

Find the product you are looking for quickly with our new reference charts, available for download below, in the Freedom and Medi product pages, and in our Downloads section.






Amy Purdy danced like a pro on this season of Dancing with the Stars, claiming a spot in the top two competitors.

As Rose Eveleth wrote in The Daily Beast, "Amy Purdy has wowed the judges each week with her grace, her athleticism, and her ability to take the audience on an emotional journey through each performance. She's an incredible dancer, and she also happens to be a double amputee, missing both legs below the knee."

Extraordinarily, Purdy danced on Freedom Innovations swim feet in her contemporary dance, which she did as a tribute to her father in week 3 of the show.

full article here

Watch Amy Purdy's contemporary dance on Freedom feet:

Amy Purdy shares her experience with Freedom's Runway foot:


Check out the Runway and the Freestyle Swim Foot.


Schein Ortho Lady and Gent 2014 Sandals


Summer is coming and new styles of the popular Ortho Lady and Gent sandals have arrived!

We will be stocking a select number of 2014 styles this year. View a complete list of in-stock styles here

Check out the new sandal catalogue here for all sandal options.


There are two price discrepancies in the 2013 price lists which have been shipped to our customers in the last few months.

The following items are priced incorrectly:

Please contact us at 1-800-663-1254 if you are interested in this product and would like the correct price information.

Our apologies for any inconvenience.



Please note that due to the recent increase in cost of postage combined with an effort to go paperless, Ortho Active will now only be sending invoices out via email or fax. 

Please call us at 1800.663.1254 to update your customer file with your preference, or email or fax us this form.

Please note that this will be in effect as of February 15th, 2014.



Ongoing: Online clinical education courses covering complex rehab using Ultraflex. Earn MCE's!
Click here for more info.
Click here to register for courses. 

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