3762 Airflex Tennis Elbow Strap

Airflex is extremely breathable material for cool comfort during active use. It is specifically designed for air circulation, heat transfer and moisture wicking away from the body. Any activity where excess heat or perspiration could be felt under the brace is an ideal application for this product. Additionally, it is stretchy and smooth for the highest level of comfort. The Ortho Active Airflex Tennis Elbow Strap is designed to provide pain relief by reducing strain on the muscles of the forearm that causes epicondylitis.

Size Forearm circumference at widest point
XS 8 – 9 inches
S 9 – 10 inches
M 10 – 11 inches
L 11 – 12 inches
XL 12 – 13 inches
XXL 13 – 14 inches

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