“This knee joint, weighing less than one kilo – and doing all the functions that my MPK did – gives me the independence and self-determination I need for myself and my job.”

The VGK-S reflects a new way of thinking about amputee healthcare – in particular, amputees with short transfemoral stumps. An estimated 30% of amputees have femoral bone length that is too short to handle the mass distribution of a standard prosthesis comfortably. The VGK-S represents a bespoke innovation for short transfemoral stumps that allows space for a functional prosthetic component. Some call it an upside down knee joint (which it isn’t), but this idea reflects the revolutionary approach this knee takes and the fact that there isn’t anything else like it. This knee effectively replaces the quadriceps that are lost during amputation.

You can read testimonials from amputees using the VGK-S here!