ST&G revolutionized the liner industry with the use of Parylene® on the surface of the silicone liner. We were also the first to encapsulate the outer cloth into the liner. We have eliminated delamination. We have designed a new cloth specially for this process.

The Hydro MAGLiner’s silky smooth mineral oil embedded platinum cured medical grade silicone liner has the unique ability to repel water. This hydrophobic property makes the Hydro the easiest and fastest liner to clean and sanitize.

The Parylene® surface reduces surface friction between the liner/skin and liner/socket for better comfort and donning. The Hydro MAGLiner reduces skin shear for fragile skin and will help with blister reduction. The matrix which is built into the liner prevents distal elongation and delamination.

The Hydro Skin offers proprietary donning and doffing strips to aid the patient in easier application/removal. It is suitable for moderate to high activity patients who require cushioning over sensitive areas in the socket. The Hydro Skin liner’s opaque pigment gives a natural “skin tone” to all ethnic skin types.