The RidgeFlex Ankle Joint represents optimal balance between flexibility and rigidity due to the utilization of a proprietary material called Prepalon®.
Prepalon® is a continuous fiber and elastomer blend
technology (CFET).
The use of flexible elastomer provides optimum tear strength, preventing fatigue failure
Continuous fiber blended within the elastomer provides structure and rigidity, preventing the joint from stretching.
This technology eliminates the need for strings which do not provide any support in rotation or A-P movement.
Material technology allows for bold concepts which led to the creation of the tendon design. The tendon design offers a smooth movement while providing proper support in the sagittal plane and rotational control.
Combination of flexible elastomer and continuous fiber blend for rigidity allows for optimum balance of smooth movement and rigid support.
No need to compromise the tear strength by using a higher density elastomer for more support. Higher density in elastomer means weaker tear strength, thus compromising the structural integrity of the joint.