Freedom ShockWave by Proteor

The Freedom ShockWave™ incorporates a Spherical Shock Unit (SSU) into the industry-leading classic Freedom foot design with its proprietary EnduraCore ® hybrid composite technology. The SSU provides both vertical shock absorption and axial rotation giving everyday and active K3/K4 patients a shockingly natural and comfortable experience. With ShockWave, you can expect:

  • Less stress on the residual limb for a more natural gait
  • Reduced socket pressure improving comfort
  • Added torsion for stability and quick pivoting
  • Light weight and slim profile for an easy fit and finish


  • Spherical Shock Unit (SSU)
    • Provides ultimate vertical shock absorption at heel strike easing stress on the residual limb for a more natural gait.
    • Axial rotation of +/-15 degrees from neutral reduces socket pressure and allows patients to quickly pivot in a seamless motion.
  • EnduraCore Technology provides a unique layup of carbon fiber and fiberglass delivers ideal durability, flexibility, and strength providing high energy return, less fatigue, and more natural motion improving gait.
  • Split keel and heel allows increased inversion/ eversion and works in harmony with the axial rotation of the SSU improving stability, comfort, and confidence on varied terrains.
  • Full-length heel and keel initiates plantar flexion at heel strike delivering exceptional ground compliance, maximizing energy return, and eliminates dead spots for effortless rollover and a more natural gait.
  • Sandal toe available in sizes 23-28cm
  • Bolt-free design eliminates dead spots and weak structural areas resulting in a more reliable and lighter foot

Category Selection Chart

Weight (lb) Impact Level Weight (kg)
Low Moderate High
100-115 1 1 2 44-52
116-130 1 2 3 53-59
131-150 2 3 4 60-68
151-170 3 4 5 69-77
171-195 4 5 6 78-88
196-220 5 6 7 89-100
221-255 6 7 8 101-116
256-285 7 8 117-130
286-325 8 131-147

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ShockWave is the best foot I have worn. It allows me to be a better me and keeps me going. As a basketball player, I need to be able to pivot and switch quickly; this foot allows me to do that. I love the uniqueness of it, the rotation, and quick rollover as well as its light weight and durability. I feel “light” and that’s what I need as a basketball player; it’s all about foot work and I don’t want my foot to hold me back and I feel ShockWave gives me that. If you want to be a better you every day, then ShockWave is for you because it pushes you to do that. Regardless if you are a new amputee or not, trust me, it will feel like a regular foot. ShockWave gives me my independence. — Kevin, Baltimore, MD

ShockWave has given me the opportunity to do the things I love again that I couldn’t do before. It’s a gift to be able to walk on the beach, the uneven boardwalk, and the tidepools with my husband and feel sturdy and secure. That was impossible before and now I can do all those things so smoothly. It has even made everyday things like going up and down hills and stairs so much easier. It is such a joy to be able to do these things again and not be fatigued or in pain anymore. You can really do anything on these! ShockWave allows me to live my life again. — Deborah, Chino, CA

ShockWave gives me the balance and comfort I need every day. The softness of the heel allows me to walk further and gives me stability on rocky terrain; I am stable and not fatigued. It has a very soft feel like walking on fluffy grass compared to walking on concrete. ShockWave doesn’t tire my legs out. — Jeff, Hagerstown, MD

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