Dynagel Planogram

This Dynagel planogram is part of our fall specials promotion. Get 10% off each item when you buy them all together as a planogram.

Please see below for which products are included.

This picture is a visual representation of what the planogram can look like, but you can arrange the products in whatever configuration works best for your store. It is designed to fit in a 1.5′ x 1.5′ space.

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This planogram includes the following individual products in retail packaging:

R2605-2 Toe Spreader – 1 S, 1 M, 1 L
R2604-2 Toe Separator – 1 S, 1 M, 1 L
R2637-2 Toe Spreader with Loop – 2 (Universal)
R2628-2 Toe Spreader with Two Loops – 2 (Universal)
R2631-2 Five Toe Separator – 2 (Universal)
R2600-4 Digital Tube – 1 S, 1 M, 1 L
R2634-2 5th Digit Valgus Guard – 2 (Universal)
R2629-2 Bunion Guard with Toe Spreader – 2 (Universal)
R2630-2 Bunion Guard- 2 (Universal)
R2671 Hallux Valgus Articulating Splint- 2 (Universal)
R2636-2 Metatarsal Pad with loop- 2 (Universal)
R2632-2 Toe Crest- 2 (Universal)
R2647-2 Hammer Toe Support – 1 S, 1 M, 1 L
R2645 Moisturizing Heel/Forefoot Sock – 2 (Universal)
R2673 Comfort Heel Cup – 1 S/M, 1 L/XL

(34 packages in total)