6860 Ultraflex Custom Fit Elbow Orthosis

The Ultraflex Custom Fit Elbow Orthosis is designed for bicep or tricep re-education to lengthen adhesions, defeat lags and reduce structural LOM, preventing full extension or flexion. Features high torque concentric adjustable torsion components, medial and lateral to the elbow axis.

This design is for adult patients and is intended for shorter term patient-directed home therapy following orthopedic trauma/dysfunction.it provides adjustable stress to maximize functional wound healing and strengthening of the soft tissue and related musculature. It is designed for bicep or tricep muscle re-education to lengthen adhesions and defeat lags.

This brace must be custom fitted. Substantial adjustments must be made to this prefabricated item by specially trained professionals to meet the needs and/or unique shape of an individual patient. This includes fitting body interface by permanently contouring metal uprights and sizing cuffs/straps for optimal positioning.

This device should be used with caution if any of the following conditions exist:
• Chronic edema
• Poor sensation, poor circulation or skin integrity
• Poor care-giving support/lack of patient dexterity

Your patient should not use this device if any of the following conditions exist:
• Severe osteoporosis
• Known rubber allergies
• Thrombophlebitis

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Elbow Orthosis – Bidirectional Left, Elbow Orthosis – Bidirectional Right, Elbow Orthosis – Left, Elbow Orthosis – Right