5563 Dynamic Tennis Elbow Support

The Ortho Active Dynamic Tennis Elbow Sleeve is designed to provide warmth and compression to the entire elbow complex. It is made of comfortable, breathable elastic that will not overheat in warm weather. The elastic strap supports the forearm muscle to promote healing of the tendonitis condition, and it stretches during activity to remain comfortable. Two gel pads on the inside of the support provide localized pressure to the forearm muscles for enhanced healing. The gel pads have a dimpled surface to provide gentle massage, which has been shown to promote healing. It is possible to reverse the direction of the elastic strap for easy application on either the right or left elbow.

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Size Elbow Circumference
S 20cm – 23cm
M 23cm – 26cm
L 26cm – 29cm
L 29cm – 32cm

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