5438 Post-Op Knee Brace

5438 Post-Op Knee Brace

The Post-Op Knee Brace is ideal for-post surgery care of ACL, PCL and other surgical repairs to protect and enhance the ligament graft. The trimmable foam wrap and adjustable straps allow for universal sizing and comfortable wear. The brace can be adjusted to set the desired extension and flexion using the easy to change flexion and extension dials, simply by pressing the button on the dial and rotating to the desired angle, or locked in any position using the lock tabs. 20” length. Ideal for controlling the range of motion of the knee, protecting a newly reconstructed graft, optimizing ligament healing, enhancing knee stability, facilitating early rehabilitation, reducing the risk of re-tear and offering security and confidence to do exercise.

Size Leg Length
Short 16-19″
Long 20-23″

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16"-19", 20"-23"