3531 Sportec Patella Compression Knee Support

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3531 Sportec Patella Compression Knee Support

The Ortho Active Sportec Patella Compression Support is designed to stabilize a weak or strained knee joint using medical compression of 20-30mmHg. The compression is calculated to provide good sup-port to muscle tissue. The oval shaped gel patella buttress stabilizes the patella and massages swelling away from the front of the knee. The advanced 3D knitting is ideal for active use, extremely comfort-able for long-term wear and provides excellent support of the knee. The 3D knitting process provides superior anatomical fit of the pop-liteal and muscle tissue for extreme comfort and support. Flexible spiral stays on the medial and lateral sides provide extra stability.

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Size Knee Circumference
S 30-35 cm
M 35-40 cm
L 40-45 cm
XL 45-50 cm

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