3193 Active CT Lacer

The Active CT Lacer is the ideal choice for most patients. With an easy to use Velcro closure lacing system, the brace may be easily donned with one simple motion. The lacing system is designed so that the proximal and distal straps may be adjusted independently of one another, allowing for a proper fit for patients with unique hand and wrist sizes.

This braces is designed to stabilize weak, unstable wrists. The unique Ortho Active contour dorsal and palmar stays are incorporated into this brace. These aluminum stays hold the wrist in a neutral, cock-up position for proper healing. They are removable and adjustable, and provide a low profile, intimate, and comfortable fit. The brace material is cut proximal to the palm crease to allow full hand motion while maintaining immobilization of the wrist. Comes in 6.5″ length, specify left or right.


  • Post-cast
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Tendonitis
  • Moderate strains or sprains
  • Coolcel is latex-free

How to put the 3193 on:

Size Wrist Circumference Size Wrist Circumference
XS 4″ – 5″ L 7″ – 8″
S 5″ – 6″ XL 8″ – 9″
M 6″ – 7″ XXL 9″ – 10″

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