3162 Coolcel Tennis Elbow Strap

3162 Coolcel Tennis Elbow Strap

Tennis elbow strap with adjustable Velcro closure to apply local pressure to the muscles of the forearm. Includes a freezable, freely adjustable molded silicone pad for cold therapy.

Coolcel is Ortho Active’s breathable, latex-free Neoprene alternative that provides the ultimate in comfort and function. Constructed of a unique nylon/open cell foam combination, Coolcel is designed to give compression and support while allowing increased breathability and wicking action. Ideal for sport use or patients susceptible to skin irritation from heat rash.

Size Forearm Circumference Size Forearm Circumference
XS 8″ – 9″ L 11″ – 12″
S 9″ – 10″ XL 12″ – 13″
M 10″ – 11″ XXL 13″ – 14″

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