3132W Coolcel Wrap Hinged Knee Brace

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3132W Coolcel Wrap Hinged Knee Brace

The Ortho Active Hinged Knee Brace is designed to provide medial and lateral support to the knee as well as stabilize the patella. It also provides mild compression. This Coolcel wrap version is our breathable, Neoprene alternative.


  • Wraps around the knee (with adjustable elastic straps above and below the patella), which is ideal for patients who have trouble pulling on a sleeve-style knee brace, patients with swelling or those who require extra adjustability
    • We have updated the wrap design for 2020 so that the upper and lower flaps wrap around the back of the leg to attach with Velcro on the opposite side. This design provides better support and it’s easy to adjust.
  • All of the Velcro on this brace is easy to remove for those with arthritic hands
  • Includes a donut foam patella stabilizer
  • Hinges are contoured so that they fit around the knee joint
  • Hinges can be removed and moulded to the leg to provide a more custom fit
  • Available in black
  • Coolcel is latex-free

How to put the 3132W on:

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Size Knee Centre Circ.
XS 12″ – 13″
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L 15″ – 16″
XL 16″ – 17″
XXL 17″ – 18″
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