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Active Ankle Systems Inc. of Louisville, Ky is a leading manufacturer of ankle braces used by professional and amateur athletes of all ages. Active Ankle is a worldwide leader in the development of high-value, high function ankle and foot products. Athletic trainers, physical therapists, podiatrists and orthopedic physicians use the Active Ankle brace for athlete and patient care, injury prevention and in their rehabilitation protocols. Active Ankle is the official ankle support supplier and sponsor of USA Volleyball.

    • Features figure-eight straps which simulate the effect of a professional taping procedure to help lock the ankle in a protected position
    • Circumferential strap:
      • stabilizes the brace
      • prevents unwanted slippage
      • provides a secure and comfortable fit
    • Total control lacing allows for an even pull throughout the body of the brace, creating a better fit for a variety of foot shapes
    • Two plastic stays help support the ankle and aid in preventing heel release by supporting the body of the brace
    Please note: This item has been discontinued from the supplier. We have limited stock remaining and will update this product page as stock amounts change. We currently have L and XL in stock.
  • Provides comfortable support to ligaments and therapeutic warmth throughout the ankle through its supportive compression, multi-directional dual straps, and innovative heel-lock design. Ideal for athletes who need a moderate level of ankle support but require maximum comfort and mobility.
  • The TII is a sleek brace that offers maximum performance and protection. The TII features feather-light E.V.A. padding that hugs every contour of the ankle and a durable, quick-fitting single strap system that is adjustable for both high and low-top shoes. Also provides medial/lateral support and compression to the ankle joint Features a lifetime warranty on the rigid parts of the brace and a 90 day warranty on straps and pads Indications
    • 1st or 2nd degree ankle sprains
    • Chronic or recurrent problems as well as instabilities in the ankle
    • Ideal for ankle protection while playing basketball, football, or volleyball
    • Features a carbon fiber reinforced shell, engineered for support
    • Molded bearing design provides a smoother range of motion
    • Strengthening ribs create a thinner profile, fitting better in a shoe
    • A single webbing strap with a dual fastening option holds the ankle for a customized fit
    • Features a lifetime warranty on the rigid parts of the brace and a 90 day warranty on straps and pads
    • This brace features a custom moulded EVA padding with integrated ventilation channels
    • Integrated ventilation channels help conform the shape of the ankle, while preventing overheating
    • Open heel helps to improve the fit and prevents pinching and discomfort
    • Uni-lateral hinge allows for unencumbered forward, back and vertical movement
  • The Active Ankle Multiphase Ankle Brace is one of the most highly anticipated breakthroughs in ankle recovery and rehabilitation. The MultiPhase is a revolutionary Active Ankle support due to its ability to be used right after an ankle sprain and as a prophylactic brace when returning to sports participation. Features
    • State-of-the-art dual density padding utilizes memory foam technology to apply effective compression to assist with edema/swelling throughout the ankle
      • The memory foam changes continually to adjust to the shape of the injured ankle
      • The inner padding liner can be easily cut down for greater comfort and motion once the individual has resumed normal daily activities
    • Unique heel design is a solid “U” shape that cups the weight-bearing load from the ankle
      • Assists in dispersing the weight of the heel with ankle sprains and degenerative joint disease and promotes pain relief
    • Management of acute ankle sprains
    • Reduction of heel pain
    • Rehabilitation following ankle sprain
    • Ankle sprain prevention during sports