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Ortho Lady & Gent Sandals

ortho-lady-sandals-2Ortho Lady & Gent: Designed to help your feet feel better.

How many times have you bought a cute pair of sandals, only to find they never break in? The straps always give you blisters. Your feet hurt at the end of the day like you’ve been wearing stilettos, and your pinky toe eventually turns purple.
But beauty is pain right?
Not anymore.
Ortho Lady Sandals are for those who don’t want to sacrifice comfort for style. They’re made in Germany with the highest quality materials – nappa and nubuck leathers. These leathers are very breathable and super soft so your feet never get sweaty. They were designed to support the natural movement of the foot, and they counteract tiredness (that stiletto feeling). And best of all, they come with an amazing insole that rivals custom orthotics. But if you have your own orthotics, you can use those instead – Ortho Lady insoles are removable.
Do you have bunions? Certain styles incorporate stretchy leather over the hallux valgus to reduce pressure and pain in this area.
All in all, these shoes are worth the investment. They last for years, the styles are timeless, and best of all, your feet will thank you.
Ortho Active distributes all Ortho Lady and Gent styles. We keep the styles below in stock – please refer to the full sandal catalogue for all sandal options.

Ortho Active In-Stock List – Women’s

387003 | Sizes 2.5-8.5
Nappa Leather Black

385434 | Sizes 2.5 – 8.5
Nappa Leather / Stretch Nubuck Leather

387513 | Sizes 2.5-8.5 
Nubuck Leather Structured Brilliant / Stretch Nubuck Leather

385493 | Sizes 2.5-8.5
Nappa Leather / Stretch Nubuck Leather

385002 | Sizes 2.5-8.5
Nappa Leather Black

385266 | Sizes 2.5-8.5
Nappa Leather White

388041 | Sizes 2.5-8.5
Nappa Leather Patterned / Stretch Nappa Leather

388023 | Sizes 2.5-8.5
Nappa Leather Lined / Stretch Nappa Leather

386622 | Sizes 2.5-8.5
Nappa Leather / Nubuck Leather Brilliant

386020 | Sizes 2.5-8.5
Nubuck Leather Brilliant / Stretch Nubuck Leather

388823 | Sizes 2.5-8.5
Nubuck Leather Reptile

389200 | Sizes 2.5-8.5
Nappa Leather Black

381000 | Sizes 2.5-8.5
Nappa Leather Black

389700 | Sizes 2.5-8.5
Nappa Leather Black/Stretch Leather

383206 | Sizes 2.5-8.5
Nappa Leather Black

380486 | Sizes 2.5-8.5
Nappa Leather Grey

382963 | Sizes 2.5-8.5
Nappa Leather Ice

387823 | Sizes 2.5-8.5
Nappa Leather Dark Blue

Ortho Active In-Stock List – Men’s

399806 | Sizes 6-12
Nappa Leather Embossed Black

399000 | Sizes 6-12
Nappa Leather Embossed Black

394010 | Sizes 6-12
Nappa Leather Brown

394013 | Sizes 6-12
Nappa Leather Brown

399003 | Sizes 6-12
Nappa Leather Embossed Black