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DynaGel Footcare

Ortho Active is proud to introduce our new DynaGel footcare line. DynaGel products were developed in a bioengineering laboratory to match the elasticity of human skin. This unique formulation optimizes pain relief caused by friction and pressure on feet, toes and fingers. DynaGel products are infused with mineral oil and skin care ingredients authenticated by the United States Pharmacopeia for skin moisturizing and healing. Antimicrobial ingredients in the gel and fabric prevent bacterial growth. DynaGel products cushion and protect while moisturizing the skin for comfort and healing.

2600 Digital Tube

2626 Digit Tube

2609 Corn Pad

2647 Hammer Toe Support

2601 Digital Cap

2633 Digital Cap

2608 Digital Pad

2603 Toe Spreader with Gel Tube

2602 Toe Spreader with Tube

2637 Toe Spreader with Loop

2628 Toe Spreader with Two Loops

2631 Five Toe Separator

2604 Toe Separator

2605 Toe Spreader

2615 Toe Spreader with Sleeve

2629 Bunion Guard with Toe Spreader

2617 Toe Spreader/Bunion Protector

2607 Bunion Sleeve

2630 Bunion Guard

2634 5th Digit Valgus Guard

2632 Toe Crest

2636 Metatarsal Pad with Loop

2636 Metatarsal Pad with Loop

2673 Comfort Heel Cup

2639 Heel Sock

2643 Moisturizing Heel Sock

2670 Sport Heel Sock

2645 Moisturizing Heel/Forefoot Sock

2620 Forefoot Lace Protector

2622 Heel/Elbow Protector

2625 Ankle Protector