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Ortho Active introduces Cypress Adaptive, a company focused on providing value in unique prosthetic products, including valves, prosthetic knees and elevated vacuum components.


Suspension Sleeves

Neo-Flex Active Suspension Sleeve

Neo-Flex Suspension Sleeve

Neo-Flex Junior Suspension Sleeve

Symphonie Aqua Casting System



Symphonie Aqua System

Vista Universal Single Axis Ankle

Vista Hydraulic Ankle

Paseo Monocentric Brake Knee

Actua Knee

Elevated Vacuum Valves – In Line (Distal to Socket)

Aria HV Plate Valve

Cypress 4 Hole Tie-in-Plate

Aria™ HV Valve Insert

Aria 90° Valve Insert

Passive Expulsion Valves – In Line (Distal to Socket)

Aria™ Plate Valve

Cypress 4 Hole Tie-in-Plate

Aria™ Auto Expulsion Valve Insert

Aria™ Dummy Plug Insert

Elevated Vacuum Valves – Socket Mounted

Aria™ Hybrid Valve

Aria™ Safety Barb

Straight Stainless Barbs

Stainless 90° Swivel Barbs

Passive Expulsion Valves – Socket Mounted

Aria™ AK Valve

Aria™ Valve Plus

Aria™ Valve

Notched Spacer Plate


Aria™ AK Key