Stride Comfortably

For K3 users who are looking for the ultimate fiberglass walking foot and/or have clearance challenges, Maverick Comfort AT is the foot that will meet their expectations in all terrains so they can stride with ease wherever they want. With a low foot profile combined with a split keel, Comfort AT offers high energy storage/return and 32-degree coronal motion for ample ground compliance. This lightweight fiberglass option is waterproof and is available in a sandal toe option for greater lifestyle versatility.


  • Designed to be an everyday walking foot
  • Low build height for those with clearance challenges
  • Split keel for more ground compliance and versatility
  • Increased durability without compromising the desired energy storage/return
  • Smooth roll-over during stance phase of gait
  • Lightweight fiberglass
  • Innovative heel/keel design
  • Waterproof
  • Regular and sandal toe options
  • Made in the USA


Sizes: 23 – 30 cm
Sandal Toe Sizes: 23 – 28 cm
User Weight Rating: up to 365 lbs (166 kg)
Stiffness Categories: 1 – 9
Foot Shell Skin Tones: Light, Medium, Dark
Warranty: Foot Module 36 months – Cosmetic foot shell 6 months

This foot is eligible for a trial period – please contact us for more information about trials.