Freedom Kinterra 3.0


The time-tested hydraulic ankle that continues to raise the bar for quality, stability, range of motion, and comfort.

Experience the highest level of satisfaction with the redesigned Kinterra hydraulic ankle. Thoughtfully designed to meet more daily needs and to exceed all performance expectations. Redefining movement for life.


20% increase in user weight rating – Industry-leading weight rating supporting users up to 330 lbs without increasing product weight. Tested to over 3 million cycles at a 330lbs/150 kg load.

42% expansion of ROM – Energy return and socket comfort without sacrificing stability

The Kinterra Difference – Foot Features

  • Consistent performance – Improved valve design for larger range of PF/DF resistance adjustments, smoother hydraulic movement, and temperature compensation for consistent performance
  • Lasting reliability – Hinge pin diameter increased for improved fatigue resistance
  • Seamless movement – Redesigned EnduraCore footplate for energy return and a smooth rollover. A split keel and heel provide mediolateral stability and terrain adaptation
  • Increased compatibility – Redesigned pyramid and collar shape for a decreased build height and increased reliability
  • Comfort and stability – Clinically optimal hydraulic ankle ROM for energy return and terrain adaptation during ambulation, and improved socket comfort during sitting, without sacrificing stability.
  • 17° hydraulic ankle articulation – 15° of plantarflexion and 2° of dorsiflexion allow the foot to reach and maintain footflat across differing terrains and improved socket comfort while sitting
  • Change shoes without adjustment – Accommodates moderate changes in heel height without adjustment
  • Submersible in fresh water up to 1 metre for 30 minutes
  • Improved dorsiflexion assist spring – Returns the ankle to 2°DF when unweighted, decreasing risk of toe catching during ambulation


“Kinterra just makes things a lot smoother. Getting in an out of a chair, couch, or stool, the fact that you have an ankle allows more natural, smooth movement. My balance is better. It allows me to go straight up and down stairs. It’s a whole lot easier, a lot more comfortable. It’s been lifechanging.” – Jeff T. | Retired RV Sales

“I’ve been a double amputee since 2013, believe me, nothing is like this foot. I’ve had maybe 5 feet, and Kinterra is unbelievable, it actually feels like you have a leg. When you’re walking, you’re sitting down, the toes are flat. I wasn’t tired, it felt like I was walking on water. Feels a lot lighter, very comfortable. When I stand still, I balance very easy. It’s like a part of you and you’re not scared” – Francisco M. | Retired Car Salesman

This is just like having two regular feet, I forget I have a prosthesis on. I took two steps
and could tell a difference. Kinterra went smoothly and quickly step over step on stairs, I usually step up one foot at a time. It was so easy going up and down the hills I didn’t even notice there was unevenness.” – Milissa B. | Specifications Coordinator

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Ordering Info

1. Verify User Movement

  • Patient weight
  • Foot Size (22-30cm)
  • Clearance requirement
  • Right or Left Sandal Toe

Sizes/Build Height: 

22-25 cm 4.65” / 118 mm

26-28 cm 4.67” / 119 mm

29-30 cm 4.81” / 122 mm

2. Select a Stiffness Category

Selection of foot category based on patient’s weight and impact level

Weight lb 100-115 116-130 131-150 151-170 171-195 196-220 221-255 256-290 291-330
kg 44-52 53-59 60-68 69-77 78-88 89-100 101-116 117-132 133-150
Impact Level Low 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Moderate 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

NOTE: Increasing category numbers indicate increased keel response.

Additional information

Foot Category

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7


, , , , , , ,

Toe Style

Regular, Sandal Toe (Left), Sandal Toe (Right)


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