Fit, Finish and Roll

The DynAdapt™ foot is a slim profile, carbon fiber foot system with a slender, anatomic design for easy fit and finish. Its multi-axial function provides maximum comfort and the uninterrupted strands of carbon fiber in the full length heel provide patients with effortless rollover and a more natural gait.


EnduraCore™ Technology
Proprietary composite-laminate delivers up to 3 times the fatigue life of a standard laminate in a design that also returns high energy. The result is a more durable product that helps to preserve energy so users can do more with confidence.

Weighing in at just 380g, the DynAdapt foot is more comfortable and requires less exertion.

Target Users

  • All K3 level users who would benefit from improved stability and comfort.
  • Transtibial and transfemoral; Unilateral and bilateral amputees.

Best All-Around Performance

  • For Users: Combination of smooth rollover function, improved stability, and dynamic response
    makes DynAdapt the best all-around foot for all K3 users
  • For Prosthetists: Ideal foot for prosthetists who are looking for a lightweight, durable graphite foot that is easy to cover cosmetically


Sizes: 22-31cm (Sandal toe option available 22-28cm)
Build Height: 170mm (Size 27)
User Weight Rating: 365 lbs. (166kg)
Product Weight: 380g (13.4 oz.) (Size 27, Cat 5 graphite foot, without the footshell)
Stiffness Categories: 9 (low, mod and high impact)
Heel Height: 10mm (3/8″)
Split Toe (inv/ev): Yes
Foot Shell CAP: Upon request
Skin Tones: 3
Attachment Type: Male pyramid
Warranty: 36-months (shell 6 months)

This foot is eligible for a trial period – please contact us for more information about trials.

Category Selection Chart

Weight (lb) Impact Level Weight (kg)
Low Moderate High
100-115 1 1 2 44-52
116-130 1 2 3 53-59
131-150 2 3 4 60-68
151-170 3 4 5 69-77
171-195 4 5 6 78-88
196-220 5 6 7 89-100
221-255 6 7 8 101-116
256-285 7 8 9 117-130
286-325 8 9 Special Order 131-147
326-365 9 Special Order Special Order 148-166