The Active Ankle Multiphase Ankle Brace is one of the most highly anticipated breakthroughs in ankle recovery and rehabilitation. The MultiPhase is a revolutionary Active Ankle support due to its ability to be used right after an ankle sprain and as a prophylactic brace when returning to sports participation.


  • State-of-the-art dual density padding utilizes memory foam technology to apply effective compression to assist with edema/swelling throughout the ankle
    • The memory foam changes continually to adjust to the shape of the injured ankle
    • The inner padding liner can be easily cut down for greater comfort and motion once the individual has resumed normal daily activities
  • Unique heel design is a solid ā€œUā€ shape that cups the weight-bearing load from the ankle
    • Assists in dispersing the weight of the heel with ankle sprains and degenerative joint disease and promotes pain relief


  • Management of acute ankle sprains
  • Reduction of heel pain
  • Rehabilitation following ankle sprain
  • Ankle sprain prevention during sports