Classic Aspen CTO

The Aspen® CTO (Cervicothoracic Orthosis) combines highly effective immobilization of the cervical and upper thoracic spine with a level of comfort that makes it well tolerated by patients.

Research has shown substantially progressive immobilization in going from a stand-alone cervical collar, to a two-post device, and then on to a four-post orthosis.

For these reasons, the Aspen® CTO system offers the greatest versatility available when dealing with cervicothoracic problems in today's cost conscious healthcare environment.


Product # Description
983308 CTO Adult Short
983310 CTO Adult Regular
983312 CTO Adult Tall
983314 CTO Adult X-Tall
983301 CTO Pediatric (PD4-PD5)
983320 CTO Full Set Replacement Pads - Adult
983302 CTO Full Set Replacement Pads - Pediatric
983322 CTO Vest Replacement Pads - Adult
CTO Vest (Universal)
CTO Control Clamp

SIZING: the vest component is universal sizing, but the Classic style collar must be sized using the Apen collar sizing guide card.

Please call Ortho Active at 1-800-663-1254 for a card, or print one.


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